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Uganda Development and Health Associates (UDHA) started its operations as a Community Based Organisation (CBO) in April 2003 in Iganga district. The organisation has been involved in various community-based activities in health especially in the areas of HIV/AIDS, malaria control, sanitation, adolescent sexual reproductive health, school health and immunisation.

UDHA is from August 2005 going to expand its operations to Mayuge and Bugiri districts in a new capacity as a Non-government Organisation (NGO).

The organisation has attracted a significant number of professionals including health, law social work, agriculture, community development, education, environment and economics among others. This is in recognition of the fact that community problems are multi-causal and therefore need multi-sectoral approaches with strong community participation.

Goals and objectives:


  1. To promote the empowerment of communities through focus on health and advocacy for a multi-sectoral approaches to community development.
  2. To network, collaborate and develop strategic partnerships with local, national, regional and international organisations with similar interests.
  3. To promote community participatory approaches that enhance the health of the most vulnerable members of the community especially children, adolescents and women with emphasis on orphans and widows.

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The mission of UDHA is: To engage a multi-sectoral and professional approach with strong community participation and ownership for the enhancement of health and development of communities’.

UDHA’s Vision: Our vision is “ a society which is fully empowered to participate and take care of their own health and development.”


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